Monday, April 13, 2015

Whales Galore

We went whale watching last summer in Massachusetts and saw literal tons of whales. I took a million pics, mostly because my new camera didn't have a  viewfinder (I realized then) and the day was so sunny, I couldn't see the screen. So I just pointed and snapped and hoped for something good. I got some good ones, although some are far away. At any rate, I printed a lot of them, mostly because it was such a great experience that we probably won't repeat.

Here's a page I made yesterday with the coolest clear overlay (the words are printed on there) and that I've had soooo long, the store I got it out has been gone for years. It was tricky to photograph, so this is what I got so it doesn't show the reflections in the overlay.

It looks as if I boosted the color on these, but if you look at the kraft page, you'll see it's a normal color. The ocean and sky were just these colors that day in June. 

Check out my daughter's was sooo windy on the boat. And cold, even though the temperature was fine when we left. Luckily, I read that you should take a jacket, so we did. 

I added some pebbled paper at the bottom to mimic sand (I just tore it in hill form) and used some gelatos on the pre-embossed kraft cardstock. I used white, purple, green and blue. 

It wasn't a hard page, but it took me forever to choose the pics and placement.

It was a Whaley Good Time (you're welcome for the pun)!

Happy Monday,


  1. Oh this is so pretty, what a fabulous design.

  2. Such a cool thing to see & your page is very nice. The overlays work great with the subject.

    1. It was pretty cool, Karen, I highly recommend it. Thanks!

  3. Such a cool thing to see & your page is very nice. The overlays work great with the subject.

  4. I whaley love it! Right back atcha! It's got to feel good to see an older piece that you pass over time after time finally go to, not only good use, but perfect use! I love that overlay and you positioned everything wonderfully! So glad it was a fun time, I've heard some stories where they never really see much.

    1. haha..thanks for jumping on board with the theme! I think it was a banner year for the whales, friends went later and saw lots too.


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