Friday, September 21, 2018

Pocahontas In Living Color

I shared a Snow White project and Fantastic Beasts I did awhile ago with the online class, Ever After 2018, and next up is my version of Pocahontas and friend. For the background, I decided to go with Color Bursts (Brutus Monroe set) and then followed the lesson with the acrylic paint and oil pastels. This was my first time working with the oil pastels and they blended pretty nicely. I still prefer gelatos for crayon type blending (they are water soluble) but it was fun to try a new medium.

First up, here's the sketch...

the Color Burst background and acrylic painted outline and shadows...

the first layer of acrylic wash and some oil pastel shading...

and the final piece, with oil pastels and acyrlic paint. The hair is paint, and some of the outlining (her eyes, the racoon's eyes), but the background is all Color Burst and everything else is oil pastel.

Here's the close-up so you can see the shading a bit better. So happy I signed up for this course, it's a great way to try new mediums with an artist who uses them and guides you through the lesson. I think the raccoon was supposed to be more gray, but this is how he turned out.

I highly suggest any of the lessons over at Willowing Art. I saved my dollars to give this class a shot and I'm really happy I did. I'm really slow getting to the lessons (because they do take a bit of time) but you get lifetime access, so there's no pressure. The theme is fairy tales but Dorothy from Oz is included in this year's class, so I'm looking forward to that one!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Shiver Me Timbers

Ahoy, mateys! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day...and it started as a bit of a joke between friends in the 1990s and apparently Dave Barry mentioned in in 2002 and people just started to run with it. So now it's more popular and lots of people observe it and this landlubber is jumping on ship to join in! 

Here are some pirate jokes to start you off right.
How did the pirate buy his ship so cheaply? Because he got it on sail.
Why did the pirate buy an eye patch? Because he couldn't afford an iPad.
Why couldn't the pirates play cards? Because the captain was standing on the deck.
And have I got some cute pirate stuff to share. This is a set of stamps from My Favorite Stamps.

And I love the sentiments in this Neat and Tangled set.

I'm a huge fan of Hannah Lynn's art and this Hidden Treasures pirate is a fun digi stamp that you could get today and start coloring right away!

If you're feeling like you need to celebrate with a fun treat, you could make these yummy goodies.

Or my favorite—cupcakes—would be easy to make today.

If you'd like to go with more healthy fun, you can make these with a little ribbon and a marker.

I'll leave you with a clip of my favorite film pirate from The Princess Bride.

Happy Wednesday, ya scurvy dogs!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Watercoloring Without Paint

I think I was first introduced to watercoloring with markers and inks by a video by Jennifer McGuire. She is for sure full of inspiration, unique ideas and quality video classes.

For these two panels from an Adornit mini coloring book, I used Tombow and Arteza brush markers that I scribbled on a non-porous surface and applied like any watercolor paint. They are so much easier for me than pots or tubes of watercolor.

Of course, it's still a little looser and less precise than markers or pencils, but that's the interesting thing about watercolors...any version of watercolors.

For this full page painted piece, I used another art-on-watercolor-paper from the Jane Davenport art journal that I write about here so much. I used the Tombow brush pens and a glitter marker afterward. You can't see the glittery goodness in the pic, but trust me, it's lovely! Her hair started out blonde, but I wanted some darker shades and then I just went all in with reds and oranges and some pink.

For the sentiment, I used the nib point of the Tombow marker. Some people love the brush end for lettering but I wanted teeny letters, so I went with the smaller nib.

What medium do you use for watercoloring? You can check here for those mini watercolor books from Adornit, they have a lot to choose from!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Halloween Freebie Friday

Hey, friends, I was doodling (as is my wont while watching the tv) and made this little ghost for I thought I'd share him with you if you're looking for something for a tag or card or even a scrapbook page. Just right click on him and copy and save to your computer.

Of course, I'd love to see if you do create something with him! I decided the handle on his pumpkin should show through his arm...but it's got to be a ghost pumpkin or he couldn't pick it up...or could he?

Just in case you're not into cutesy, I've got this freebie for you today as well. It's from The Graphic Fairy. I think it looks like she's in a library, what do you think?

I love Halloween for no good reason, but crafty Halloween stuff makes me happy and so does decorating and maybe even watching a scary movie, though that last thing depends on my mood. I don't like gross, so that leaves out a lot of horror flicks. I did just watch The Bad Seed (Rob Lowe's version) and Winchester, a historical ghost story, and I didn't have to cover my eyes once! My hubby and sister are hard-core horror fans and her hubby will watch them too but I usually regret them or find something else to do! Here's to a mildly scary Halloween!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Spooky Halloween Tags

I was inspired by the 7 Days of Halloween videos by TaylorMadeCards4U to hit Michael's and find some spooky Halloween goodies. I had some already, but I love the Tim Holtz Ancestors (vintage pics of people in different sizes) and needed some. Here's the photo of the Ancestors Paper Dolls I bought, plus a couple Halloween tickets (at the bottom of the pic) from the etsy shop of TaylorMade.

This pic is a set of x-ray transparencies and little Halloween word stickers from Tim Holtz.

I used these things and more from my stash (including the tags from Prima that are just the Julie Nutting doll tags) to create these two tags. I inked the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink and on the top tag, I added some stenciled trees from Honey Bee before I began layering. 

I used the transparency from Michael's and some old dimensional stickers from Creative Memories, along with Tim Holtz witches, tickets from TaylorMadeCards4U and rub-on flies from who knows what Halloween rub-ons.

These are definitely not my usual style, but I'm digging the spooky stuff right now, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I like figuring out what to use and how to make things work, but my table ends up looking like this.

I am not a tidy family will attest to that! "Just clear off a spot to eat," might be something I say often...maybe. And I want credit for not using glitter on these tags—I figured glitter wasn't scary. But, I do have some glittered spider stickers somewhere, you never know what'll happen on the next one! I'll try to control myself with the bling.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Freebie Friday, Friends

Today I have a unicorn digi stamp to share with you. I saw a mug that had a picture of a unicorn and this saying on it and since my daughter will often say, "she is beauty, she is grace" when she drops something or trips, I had to make a card for her with this saying.

I actually had to ask her to send me a phone pic of the card since I forgot to take my own. I wanted a unicorn dancing but couldn't find one, so I drew one. I think it turned out pretty well, so I have one here for you to download if you wanna use it for cards. Just right click on the image and download to your computer. 

And here's a Halloween image from a real digi artist for's from Useless Trinkets, I love her stuff. So cute! She has a unicorn too, along with monsters with coffee cups. Check it out!

If you're more vintage-y than cute, here's a great site where you can get these printable images and the instructions on how to make the garland. Free!

Happy Friday!