Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scared Yet?

I love Halloween and my sister would probably make fun of me for that because I do not like horror movies and books like she does. Julie reads endless Stephen King novels (and there are endless Stephen King novels) and will watch anything billed as a horror flick, even when I leave the room because things are too scary on the screen. My son even says, "movie magic, Mom," when I say "ewww" during a film.

However, Halloween strikes me as a nice balance of creepy but safe, and sometimes it can be downright cute. Have you seen Doodlebug's Design? Love everything they do!

I mean, c'mon, stinkin' cute, right?! At any rate, I took these ghosts...made with torn muslin, styrofoam balls and empty drinkable yogurt containers...

These candles made with rub-on letters and glass holders from the dollar store...

And made this scene with my library sale vintage books and iron candle holder...

Happy Halloween! Don't get scared—you still have 22 more days to get your candy and costume!


  1. I love how you created your 'Halloween Scene', Chark! Such a creative and fun idea!


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