Friday, November 27, 2015

Glittery Favors

We all know I like the sparkle of glitter and dislike the mess...which is why Stickles are my favorite supply in the world. Today I've used it to make some favors for a shower or wedding or even a holiday dinner for family.

This one just Stickles on the plastic/metal lid and takes no time at all.

For this one, I used a permanent marker to color the inside of the lid purple, then added purple Stickles on the top. I cut the A from a sheet of adhesive rhinestones I found at Jo Ann's and adhered it first, then added the Stickles around it.

These were especially easy and you could make a lot of them very quickly. Fill them with mints or little candies and you're set for a big gathering.

I found the favors at The Flower Factory, but I'm guessing you can find them just about anywhere.

Happy Friday! 


  1. OMG these are so fun!! I agree with you, like the glitter but hate the mess! And I try not to breath too hard while working with the glitter powder, I'm afraid to breath them in!! LOL!!! :D

    1. good point, Cindy, don't breathe in the glitter!


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