Friday, March 1, 2013

March Comes In Like A Gargoyle

Happy March! To celebrate, here's a card I made for the Haunted Design House challenge. This time the theme is Gruesome Guardians...I picked a gargoyle, watching over the grave of a Salem witch. The gargoyle is actually a coloring page for kids and I found it here. The tombstone and moon are from Chillingsworth Manor collection by Echo Park Paper.

The original card I made is pictured first and I wasn't thrilled, so I tried a black lace bow, that still didn't work for me and then bing! I found the dvd cover of my daughter's copy of Sweeney Todd that I had kept for some odd reason. Apparently, this was the case I needed it for a card! It was already a frame and had a creepy feel to it, perhaps it's the blood and barber knives, who can say? ha! 

That finished the card for me, so I entered the revamped one in the challenge. Kind of a weird post for the first day of March and the heralding of Spring, but that's how it worked out!

Don't you love the skeleton cameo? Found that at Alpha place for cool crafty stuff imo!
Happy Friday!