Friday, May 10, 2013

Friendly Friday

I thought I'd post some information on some wonderfully informative blogs full of information and creativity, along with a does of inspiration. Cuz I'm friendly like that!

The first, by virtue of hers being the first artsy blog I ever visited, is Jennifer McGuire's. She is a fabulous designer, a great artist, teacher and sweet person. I got to take a few classes of hers and love her style. Her videos are the best!

The second is perhaps the most fun blog. Her writing style is fresh and funny and she is also extremely talented, so Just Jingle is a must visit!

Okay, here's an oddball kind of place that, if you love Halloween or anything spooky, you've got to visit. These designers have mad skills and creepy challenges. It's a Stephen King challenge right now, so head over to Haunted Design House if you're feeling brave. Mwah, hah, ha!

And, lastly, a creative stamping company with a great blog, Viva Las VegaStamps is full of cool ideas and unique stamps. If you're a Dr. Who fan, they have some fabulous Whovian rubber stamps that I just purchased. Here's  a work in progress with one of them.

Thanks for stopping by, if you wanna be friendly and share your blog link in the comments, I'll stop by!