Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Day Prep

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I prefer to think of it as a day of thanks, not a commemoration of the first any day when we pause to remember how lucky we are is a good day in my book. If you're hosting a dinner and need some last minute decorations for kids or ideas for your upcoming scrapbook pages, here are some ideas for you.

These are from the  Yesteday on Tuesday blog and are adorable. They would be great as napkin rings (attached to a strip of paper) or on a layout. 

The kids made these in preschool and I still have them, a bit beat up, but still treasured.

This is free digi art from Motivated Decor on Etsy. Beautiful chalkboard art.

And lastly, here's a great idea for kids and adults for the big day from My Sister's Suitcase blog.

Here at my house, we like a non-traditional approach to the day, so my prep includes making sure I have milk and eggs for the palascintas we'll be eating (Hungarian crepes with cinnamon/sugar inside) and making sure my pjs are clean, because we spend the day in them. That's it. Sure, there are no good leftovers, but we have the most relaxing day ever. 

Wishing you a day of relaxation and gratitude,