Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Angels Among Us

Here's a card with a lace angel pin I found at Cracker Barrel a few years ago. I gave one to my son's teacher, who was especially saintly that year. I made a few of these up for a bazaar and, while they didn't sell out, I can tell you his teacher totally teared up. 

So, if you have a special teacher (or caregiver) in your life, feel free to use this idea and poem. 

The front card is without the angel so you can see how I attached the pin. You could make any angel like this one from The Pin Junkie for this card if you can't find one to purchase.

Here's the poem: 
There is an unknown angel
Who flits about her day,
Smiling, helping, sharing
in her unforgettable way. 

She doesn't realize she's an angel,
She has no wings or halo.
She can't hide just who she is, 
It's just something we all know.

I always want to thank her
For her care and patience too.
For the joy and kindness that she brings—
Did you know the angel's you?

It's not perfect, but it says exactly what I wanted to that's all that matters :) My daughter helped me out with the writing. And she has continued writing poems, winning contests and being published, so I guess I asked the right person! Thanks, Colleen!

Happy Wednesday and here's hoping you have angels in your life as well!
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