Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Watercolor Thank You

Taking the Online Watercolor class has been all kinds of fun and although this wasn't a project for that class, I still broke out the paints to make it. I added a marker border and messed up on the side, so I added a little flower there. I highly recommend the $25 class as it gives you all sorts of card making ideas with watercolor in great videos with a variety of talented teachers, including Tim Holtz and Jennifer McGuire, along with one of my faves, Kathy over at The Daily Marker.

This was the card at first and then I added bits to make it more personal for my aunts. I wonder if I should've kept it simple. Do you second-guess yourself like that?


Sending this to my husband's (and my) aunts, who are the best little (literally small) Italian women I know and who are always generous. My son and I got birthday cards with birthday money and I spent mine on crafty stuff if you can believe it. :)

Off to watch some more watercolor videos and break out the paints again!

Entering this in a linky party at a2z Scrapbooking Blog. They have a great shop on Etsy with tons of Hero Arts products. I've ordered and had great service and a great price! 

Happy Wednesday and only 6 more days of school for the kiddo—not that I'm counting or anything.