Wednesday, November 12, 2014


If you've ever read horror comics, you know the title of this post happens a lot in the pages...a lot. My older sister, Julie, used to read those comics and then pass them along to me. I loved reading them, although I'm much more of a scaredy-cat than she is and I think she might've warped my young mind. However, it didn't stop me from picking up House of Mystery, Tales from the Crypt, Believe It or Not and The Witching Hour.

So for her birthday, I made copies of a b&w comic I found at a book sale and turned them into coasters.

I had some cork coasters from the craft store and I used them to trace around some classic pages. Y'know with screams and sounds and horrified looks. Then I colored them with Tombow markers. 

(Now, if you're bright, and you know that Tombow markers can be used as watercolors, then you're probably asking why I used them. I dunno, except I like how bright they are.) Turns out that Mod Podge will make the Tombow markers bleed a little when you seal them. But just the red ones. Weird and unhelpful, but that's my experience.

Luckily, my sister will forgive me for this...I hope. First I applied the Mod Podge carefully to the back of the circle and adhered them to the cork circles. You have to cover the entire back of the paper or it will buckle as it dries. I put a book on top of them to make sure they didn't get wrinkles as they dried. 

Then I applied a top coat (you should probably do this fast and lightly so the marker bleeds less). After that initial coat dries, apply another coat and let dry. Then one more and apply it to the edges too.

If you see Julie, don't tell her what I made (I'm sending them out today)!

Happy Wednesday,