Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Spring! Yee Haw!

I'm not normally a Yee Haw kinda girl, but so happy it's officially Spring today! Thought I'd give you a freebie digi art to celebrate and show off some resin keychains my sister made. 

I sent her some tool buttons to make a keychain for my hubby and then my daughter wanted this wax skull for some weird reason, although it is a pretty cute skull, as skulls go. My sister is getting an etsy shop together called Main Street Resin, so I thought I'd get some presents from her for some people.

The final one is a micro machine of Han in carbonite from a Star Wars playset. I thought it was kinda meta to put Han in carbonite in I did. It's for my nephew, who gave the playsets to my son...who eventually outgrew them too.

This digi download is from Free Vintage Digital and it's adorable! If you're taking Kathy's online coloring challenge here, I've found this color-in digi for you.

Ok, off to get my hair cut...I might get 'em all cut while I'm there. snort. I'm, like, so funny, guys.

Happy Friday and Happy Spring!