Monday, August 8, 2016

Make It Monday

Today I thought I'd post some projects I'd like to make soon, maybe you'll grab some inspiration too. One of the best things about the internet in my opinion, is how easy it is to share ideas and see what other creative people are up to. I've learned so much by watching videos, checking out blogs and taking online classes in crafting, painting, drawing and cardmaking. 

Here's what I'm admiring right now.

I love both the lettering and design on this piece and the quote itself. I'd add "drink tea" because that's my ideal book companion.

I'm thinking of Halloween already, just because it's one of my weird "I love all the crafty supplies for this holiday." I have tons of Halloween papers, stickers, embellies and ideas. I don't actually make a lot of scrapbook pages for Halloween, but if the urge strikes me, I'll definitely be prepared with supplies! I'm loving this wreath and am definitely thinking I need one. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a clever and unique show with fun songs.

I absolutely love how the black background makes the florals pop on this card. It's striking and just so lovely...I see me attempting this in the near future.

My DT buddy, Niki, made this card for the a2z Scrapbooking blog and I looovve the colors and the design. Doesn't this look like a fab postcard to send? Now I've just got to get myself to Hawaii before I can send a postcard from there :)

And lastly, I'm loving this doll stamp from Prima. I think these Julia Nutting doll stamps even though I only have one. They just have so much potential fun to them. You could color, piece, pattern, cut them up and use photos for the face, lots of different fun. I'm inspired to break my stamp out and give it another go.

And my all-time favorite blog for drooling and imagining and wishing I could actually pull something like this off is Laura Carson's Artfully Musing. The amount of work this woman puts into her work is uh-maz-ing.

So, off you go to find your muse and then create, today's a good day to make something...or at least spend an hour or two seeing what others are up to!

Happy Monday!