Monday, April 3, 2017

Distress Inks and Sunsets

One of my favorite times of day to be out driving is when the sun is setting and the sky turns the coolest colors. Turns out it happens at sunrise too...but it is not my favorite time to be out or even up, so even though I do see some when taking the kid to school, I'd rather not! lol

At any rate, the black of the trees and buildings silhouetted against the colorful sky makes me happy. In anticipation of creating something similar, I've made some sunset sky papers.

I used my Distress Inks (not the Oxides) on a non-stick craft sheet, sprayed with a lot of water. I dragged paper through the inks and let them dry. Here's how they came out.

All three use Distress Inks in Squeezed Lemonade, Abandoned Coral, Picked Raspberry, Broken China, Mermaid Lagoon and Blueprint Sketch.

I just swiped the ink onto the mat, spritzed and dragged Bristol paper through the ink. I didn't do a lot of tilting or anything, just let the water do its magic.

This second one is Bristol paper again. I dragged it through once, let it dry and then dragged it again through newly applied inks. You can see it's much more brilliant with two coats.

The last one is regular cardstock and after it was somewhat dried, I swiped the ink pads directly on the paper. It's definitely brighter, but with more separation of colors. I used my fingers to drag some of the color around a bit before it dried. 

Here they all are together...again, same inks and same swishing through the ink puddles but with a little more ink added to the two on the ends.

I'm looking forward to using all three in some projects. And this will be my inspiration. A sunrise pic I took in my neighborhood March 20 this year. I guess I can't complain when I have to get up when I can see this beauty.

I'll post the finished projects when I decide what I'm making with my backgrounds. Sometimes, it's just fun to play with color, am I right?!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your different versions. I have been doing way more experimenting lately that I didn't do before. My goal was to always make a card. I do have a huge box of backgrounds​ from over the years from things I was trying to make.


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