Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Siblings Day

Today is siblings day and I thought I'd do a little sister tribute. I'm the youngest of three Murray girls, and I'll be 49 soon, and that's probably all I better say.

My oldest sister is Teresa, our middle sister is Julie and I'm the youngest, Charlene. My sisters were invaluable to me while I was growing up...teaching me actual important stuff, like counting to 10 in Spanish when I was in kindergarten and life lessons like don't shave your legs until you have to, cuz it never stops after that!

I also learned that they could be my worst enemies and my best friends and always that they had my back and would support me in whatever I did...they still cheer me on and make me feel loved. They're less annoying now that we don't live together, but no one can bug you like a sib, am I right?! Unless it's your kids...but I digress.

Here's a pic of us from a few years ago (I can tell because my hair's not gray!) but it's a good one. Teresa on the left, then Jules, our mom and then me. 

I picked out some sister quotes for us. Up first, I chose this one to describe T, who turns tiger when she has to for us.

This one is all Julie...your misfortune was probably her fault and that's why she's laughing. 

And this is mine. I love them for being a part of my life and imparting all kinds of wisdom and fun and love while we were growing up. My life would have been vastly different and emptier without them. They are the reason I love The Wizard of Oz, horror comics, Scooby Doo, James Taylor and Bobby Sherman. They were in my wedding, and I in theirs, they are part and parcel of my memories and my character. They are in all my important pictures and why I knew my daughter needed a sib she would have someone to have memories with after her dad and I are gone. 

I planted two climbing roses when we moved into this house some 20 years ago called Seven Sisters. I chose them because one, they were on sale, and two, they had a great name and they keep growing despite my neglect. Kinda like our relationship. We don't do lots of maintenance but our bond is always there. If I called them in distress, they would be at my side fighting the dragons. My sisters rock!

Despite our differences (and we are so different from each other), I wouldn't trade them for a million dollars. Which is just what our mom says about us girls. So, even though we aren't besties who talk everyday, we are sisters and we will always love and protect each other...knock one of us down and just see. And that's all I have to say about that.

Happy Sibs Day!


  1. Ah super cool. Such a nice write up about your sisters.

  2. What a wonderful tribute my seester! I couldn't have said it better. I love you to the moon and back! 💚 💜 💖

    1. love you too! hope this buys me some points next time I mess up!


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