Friday, April 28, 2017

The Good and The Bad

So I was fooling around with the new Birthday Message sentiment stamps from Hero Arts and ended up making a good card and a bad card. Okay, it's  not bad, but I don't like it at all. I guess I could send it to someone I don't really like, but really, why would I send them a birthday card in the first place? Ha!

Here's the stamp set.
And here's the bad card. I stamped a bunch of the sentiments on a card in three different inks to get an ombre look. That was fine. Then I cut them apart so the Happy Birthday message was separate...also fine. The part that seemed to mess things up for me was the sequin part.

I love my bling, as you can tell from my blog title, but this just seems eww. I think if I'd just used thin strips of paper or tape (silver maybe?) on either side of the Happy Birthday that might've worked. But the sequins just didn't. It didn't look right with just a couple sequins, so I added more and that didn't help. What?! In what universe does adding more sequins not make things better?!! You can see the ombre inking here better. I used the Summer Sky, Navy and Deep Ocean Hero Arts inks.

Luckily, I was stamping my little heart out, so I ended up with a couple of cards that did work. Whew!

Here's one, using the sentiment stamps and white Unicorn Ink from Hero Arts. I stamped the Happy work on the background just once, so it would fade a little into the cardstock and then stamped it three times on the black so it would stand out more. I think this one would be a good masculine card, and those can be tricky, depending on your recipient.

The other two cards will be up on the a2z Scrapbooking blog Tuesday and Wednesday if you wanna peek at them. They would work for men or women too.

Have a fab weekend, friends! I'll be celebrating my last birthday in my 40s!! Ack, when did that happen?!

Happy Friday,


  1. Sorry your sequin card didn't work out! It happens to all of us, so don't feel too bad! :) But I love the simplicity of your second card. Great background on that especially. Hope you have a very happy birthday! :) ~ Andrea

  2. thanks, Andrea, planning to have a chocolate cake, so that guarantees a good birthday, right? :)

  3. Have a great birthday weekend! Yes Chocolate! Some cards just don't work. Thanks too for posting it anyway. That background on the second card looks really nice!

  4. Enjoy your birthday weekend Char!! You made me laugh, the part where you're gonna send a card you don't like to someone you don't like! Ahahaha!! I am looking forward to see your other creations though!! Hugs!!

  5. You are very creative with this stamp set, Char. They are fabulous and fun birthday cards!


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