Monday, June 19, 2017

Vacation Coloring

For the first time, I actually took some artsy things with me on vacation. I'd read how a lot of people take little art kits with them and for some reason, I never thought to do it. This year I took a tin of colored pencils, a sharpener and some digi images to color.

I only spent one night coloring in the hotel, but it was a good night. Everyone else was  relaxing in their own way, with the tv, gaming device and phone so I took the time to relax my way.

Here's one thing I accomplished. The digi image is a freebie from Karen. I'll try to find the link for you. (Here it is, found it thanks to Cindy!)

Here are some images of the little art travel kits I've seen. I may never get this compactly organized, but I can dream. 

This next image was a free one I found by googling cross with flowers. I have a little great-niece who just had First Communion, so I need to make her a card and this is the image that will be on it. For this image, I used Inktense pencils that you can use with water. I may try it, but it's printed on regular paper, so I don't want it to wrinkle. So, if I do, it'll be a nearly dry brush. I'll post a pic of the final card later.

Here's a post from Jennifer McGuire using the Inktense pencils. It's why I bought them in the first place! That Jennifer McGuire, she could sell water to a fish. Just say'n. I thought I didn't need the new Distress Oxide inks until I saw her video on them. 

Happy Monday!


  1. You colored Karen's image so beautifully!! I downloaded it too but has not got around to color it.

  2. I just got back from a trip & took stuff too. I always have a stack of stamped images some on watercolor paper so I grabbed some of those. I brought a water pen, inktense pencils, regular colored pencils & zig pens. Also pencil sharpener & eraser. I found a cheapo dry erase board maybe in the Target dollar area & use that on my lap to color on.

    Such pretty flowers.

    Yes Jennifer can sell it just by her great demos. There's a few things I bought because of that.

    1. I took a photo of my stuff for traveling if you want to see it. It is in my flickr photostream.

  3. This is gorgeous, Char! I need this pretty flower :-)


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