Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Night the Best Dressed Category

I thought the skit/song with Seth and Kirk went long, one would have been enough...and the ending song was pointless. However, overall it was a good night, The only real excitement was when Jennifer Lawrence fell, which is every Oscar winner's nightmare I'm sure. However, she managed to recover and gave a fine thank you speech. Best dress for me? Gotta be Nicole Kidman, her dress was a beautiful color for her, and look at the design on this baby at the hem. Love!
Jennifer Hudson, looking impossibly thin, comes in second for me, and she completely blew the roof off with her performance. Best song of the night, by far.

Honorable Mentions include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Salma Hayek and the non-sparkly Robin Roberts. Gorgeous dress. Worst dress, imo, was Melissa McCarthy. She's hilarious and I loved her since Gilmore Girls, but the gray thing she wore was the worst color for her. She needs a new stylist. What do you think?

And, just a little FYI, dear hubby did win again last night. This makes six years in a row. He missed just three categories. I missed slightly more with 16. The sad part is that my 8 winners makes this year probably the best I've done. Maybe I'll sneak a peek at his ballot next year before I vote! If you want to see more dresses, here is a link for you.

Happy Monday and I'll be back Wednesday with actual crafts...maybe I'll base it on the dresses!