Monday, March 11, 2013

Any Bunny Can Do This

See what I did with the title? So funny, right...Right? Ok, never mind. But this craft is so super easy that anybody can do it. Cut a paper towel tube in half, wrap it a few layers of white tissue paper (leaving some extra long paper at the top), and  tape or use other adhesive to secure. Cut the long piece of tissue paper in half and twist each piece at the bottom to make bunny ears. Add buttons, googly eyes, rhinestones or just draw a face on the bunny. I added some Easter cardboard stickers too. You can use as is for place cards, or fill the bunny with candy and then tie the ears closed with ribbon or string to use as favors. These would be great for a class to make or for the Easter dinner you're hosting. Either way, they take very little time and add a festive note.

Hoppy Crafting! (see, I did it again, so funny...right...Right? Ok, never mind.) See you Wednesday!