Monday, March 18, 2013

I've Got the Why-Isn't-It-More-Like-Spring-Outside Blues

Here in Ohio, it's cold, rainy and sleety and a little snowy. Now, I know Ohio weather is all kinds of weird, but c'mon! Last year on this date it was 70 degrees! It's in the 30's today and it's supposed to be in the 50's. So, Ohio, will you please straighten up and be warmer? My emerging daffodils are shivering and I miss the sun. Thank you for listening. Hope the weather is nicer where you are...maybe by Easter we'll get an actual spring-like day. These crafts will at least make you feel spring-like.

I made these at the Spring Fling at The Paper Cottage in Beavercreek over the weekend. The carrot is this die and can be made for place cards for your family dinner, but I'm putting them in my Easter baskets with jelly beans inside.

The pillow box has shredded papers and jelly beans inside too. I'm thinking this will make a great teacher gift for Easter. 

Wishing you a fab week!