Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April, Fools! I mean...

Happy April Fools'! See how important punctuation is? My son's teacher had the sign that reads "Let's Eat Grandma" and "Let's Eat, Grandma" to point out the importance of punctuation. That is probably my favorite example, and I point it out to my mom whenever I can. She appreciates it...really!

Here's a link to a very cool, informative and funny mag called Mental Floss. Today they have a list of the Greatest Hoaxes of All Time...check it out!

Here's a simple craft for you to try. You can jazz up any candle with brads and outline stickers like the ones from here. I've not ordered from here, I just buy mine at a local store, but this place seems to have a ton of designs. I made this candle a few months ago and it's still in good shape. You do have to be careful if you use brads and just press them into the candle. It can pierce the candle and cause breakage. You could always just add adhesive gems instead. I think you could make some really cool wedding candles inexpensively with this technique, no fooling.

Happy April Fools' Day!! Thanks for stopping by!