Friday, May 3, 2013

She Enjoyed Gelatos

This little project is a 5x7 canvas board that I used to practice with my Faber Castell gelatos. I lightly drew a girl, then I scribbled with the neutrals and the multi-color pack of gelatos, then used a brush and water and my fingers to smudge and work the thick medium into paint. 

I also collaged some elements with Mod Podge. They came from Pink Paislee's Christy Thomlinson scrapbook papers, which I love. She tends to make her women without faces, but I like making eyes, so I gave it a shot. I love the paper that has tons of "She" statements. Mine has She enjoyed, She Made, She Dared and more. 

I used the brown, blue, peachy and pink gelatos. The I used some Inka Gold for her hair and charcoal stick for smudging, along with permanent marker just to add some fun details like her curls. I was kind of a mess after this project!

It was fun and the gelatos were cool, so I'll try them again on other surfaces. Have you tried them? Do you like them?
Have a Great Weekend,