Friday, August 9, 2013

Halloween is Just 83 Days Away

So you better start your Halloween decorating and shopping...oh, wait, most people don't do that this early. Halloween is fast becoming one of my fave holidays and, although I don't actually start my Halloween decorating this early, I do have a Halloween project to share. It's an upcycled project using a paper towel tube, Halloween scrap paper (Martha Stewart) and an old mylar balloon. 

Cut the tube in half, use the inside of the mylar balloon and tie off an end. Fill with wrapped candies or little erasers and toys and tie off the other end. Add the scrap paper—I'm seriously in love with Halloween scrapbooking papers—and adhere it. Now you have a favor for a party or school event. And it didn't cost a whole lot, especially if you have a thousand sheets of Halloween paper just waiting to be used like I do!

And while we're watching out for spooky things, keep this in mind.

This was posted on tumblr, and I love it.
Happy Early Haunting,