Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dad Is Great, Gives Us The Chocolate Cake

If you like Bill Cosby, you might remember this bit. He has to make breakfast for his kids and decides cake is healthy. The kids sing songs to him, including "dad is great, gives us the chocolate cake." I, too, am going to give you chocolate cake. Only this version is healthy, no carbs, and fast!

It's from Jorge Cruise, whose 100 plan I'm following. Here's a NY Post video with the ingredients. I used Domino Light, which means my version had carbs (but fewer than regular cake of course!), but if you use Truvia Baking Blend, the carbs listed aren't digestible carbs, so it is counted as NO CARB! Which means you can totally enjoy this guilt-free. I microwaved mine for 40 seconds, versus the 2 minutes suggested, until the center wasn't wet. Basically, it smelled done, so I stopped the micro to check. It was finished and dry on the top and center.

Yum! Now, add some dark chocolate drizzled on the top or whipped cream with Truvia and you're all set. (And, yes, I did eat it for breakfast today!)

Now, onto crafty stuff. I got the idea to do this from Paper Lovers Studio here. The tutorial was to try lettering like this and I used one of their freebie journaling cards to try it out. Loved doing it, it was so much fun! You should totally check out their free digi images, they have some cool stuff.

Wishing you a good day!