Friday, October 18, 2013

Bloody Mary

It wasn't until I saw an episode of supernatural where the kids are saying, "Bloody Mary" three times in a mirror and then Bloody Mary appears that I even knew this was a thing. So when I saw this cartoon after that show, I had to laugh.

Poor little shots, they have unleashed the ghost!

Did you have any scary stories when you were a kid that you loved to tell? I know we told the hook hand about a thousand times and it might have scared me just a tad. Mostly anything scared me at least a little. Including the horror movie my sister made me watch where the man chops up his wife's body and wraps her pieces in butcher paper and puts in the freezer until he can get rid of her. 

The kraft paper-wrapped hand inches slowly across the floor while he watches tv, unaware...closer, closer...

Looking back, that couldn't be less scary as it looked like a puppet hand but I blame my sister anyway for putting the fright into me.

Here's a freebie for Halloween that cannot be considered scary at all.

Happy Weekend, ghosties and ghoulies,