Wednesday, October 16, 2013

National Pizza Month...yum!

Ok, so I can't believe I didn't know it was National Pizza Month! Love pizza and could've used this as an excuse to eat pizza way more than I have, just once this month! What's your fave delivery? I prefer Papa John's because I love the crust with their garlic butter, but the husband prefers Donato's with the crispy crust. Who are we kidding, though? Any pizza is better than no pizza. That said, I'm watching the carbs, so I'm dying to try this cauliflower crust. Here's cauliflower pizza crust recipe if you're interested. I'm totally trying it this week! Look at how tasty it looks.

I'm guessing this isn't actually pizza-tasting perfection...I'm pretty sure you need actual flour and yeast for that, but if you're roughing it and can't do the flour crust, why not try this substitute?

If you're looking for a costume for National Pizza Month and Halloween, look no further than this.

This one is made of paper, looks like, but I made my daughter one back in the day with brown fabric, felt toppings and minimal sewing. Cute!

And here's a look back at a paper-pieced pizza I made for a layout (or you could make it a card if you like). Use kraft paper for the crust, white for cheese, and two different reds/browns for the sauce and pepperoni. Ta da! Pizza in a flash!


So, Happy Pizza to order a pie!