Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Casper the Friendly Dead Kid

Not sure where I first heard this, but it kinda was an interesting point—Casper is all friendly and cute and whatnot, but he is someone's dead kid, so that's odd and uncomfortable. But hey, it's fine. He's funny and nice, so that's good. I made a friendly ghost to haunt this castle decoration I found at Target years ago.

He's made of muslin, ripped after starting a cut, and a yogurt drink bottle (empty and clean, of course!), with a styrofoam ball for a head. His face is just made with a permanent marker. You can make yours happy if you want. I made a wreath with these guys too, only I didn't use the bottle, just a ball for the head and torn muslin. They each had a different face.

Couldn't leave without a Halloween freebie, so here's a link to MyGraphico Digital Stamps for the image below.

The bat is free, but the images below are only $4 and if you have lots of Halloween pages or cards to make, these are a great choice. They would also work as a coloring page for the classroom.

Happy Halloween Eve...or is that redundant?