Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday

Ok, woke up to snow blowing today, luckily it didn't stick and it turned to rain, but seriously? Can't believe it's already that cold out! It's always kind of odd when you see green grass and fat, fluffy flakes of snow together. Guess I should be glad of the precip as the weather guy says. I'm definitely glad it didn't stay too long. I ended up not wearing a coat by the afternoon. Ohio weather, gotta love it!

Today I wanted to share a recipe for those watching their carbs. I tried Cauliflower Crust Pizza and if you're watching your carbs, this is one way to have your pizza and lose your weight too.

It looks tasty and it was, but it's no pizza crust imo. I read that Kristen Bell eats pizza toppings on egg whites so she gets the pizza experience, and this is the same idea, only more work! 

My crust was a little wetter than the pics on the Tasty Kitchen blog, probably because I used less cauliflower than it called for. It took a bit of time to make (like homemade crust would) and it was good. It's definitely for those hard-core non-carb eaters amongst us. If you really never eat carbs, this is a great substitute, but I'd rather eat regular crust (or pita pocket crust) and skip the carbs the rest of the day.  

If you can find a low-carb pita bread, you can cut it in half, add your toppings and heat in the microwave. Faster than the cauliflower and more like real pizza. 

Happy Wednesday to my pizza-loving buds,