Friday, October 25, 2013

Wanna See My Gift?

My sister just sent me this for my birthday, which was in April. To be fair, I sent hers last month and her birthday is also in April. Isn't it fun?

It's candy from my childhood. I ate the Sixlets first and then chewed the Chicklets gum. The flavor lasts about 20 nanoseconds, but I enjoyed it. Why did we think wax lips were a good thing? Who knows, they are funny, though. I also got a Disney frame with a picture of us at Disney, so that's pretty cool. 

I wanted to show you a low-carb way to eat spaghetti...use a spaghetti sauce with low carbohydrates listed. I like Ragu Old World Style Spaghetti Sauce with 6g of carbs. Julienne raw zucchini and cook in the microwave. Add the sauce to the drained zucchini as if they are the noodles and sprinkle with mozzarella or parmesan. It's pretty tasty! Here's the batch I made. Wish I had a julienne chopper, I think it would've gone faster. It was a nice way to have "spaghetti."

Happy Weekend! Hoping to get some crafting in tomorrow, how about you?
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