Friday, March 28, 2014

I'll Get You, My Pretty!

I made these little notebooks awhile back from the mini composition books you can buy in threes or sometimes find at the dollar store. They are handy by the phone and computer, but I wanted something a bit cooler, so I used my supplies to decorate the Wizard of Oz one and printed a sports logo off the computer for the other. The pen is there to show the size.

My glitter paper is self-adhesive, but it's older, so I'm not even sure where it came from...I know American Crafts makes a great glitter paper that doesn't seem to leave glitter bits everywhere and you could just use strong tape adhesive to make a notebook.

The online store, has the Oz rub-ons here. 

Book Cover of the Week is this gorgeous Young Adult book and you can read some reviews at Icey Books, a ya blog. I first saw this cover over there. Beautiful!

Happy Weekend!