Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Reading

I just finished writing an article on how to get your kids to read during the summer (I'll link it once it's published) but now summer reading is on my mind. Here's what I'm currently reading. My daughter picked up The Diviners and then decided it was more my style—1920s New York, flappers and speakeasies and a magical element. It starts with a Ouija Board and goes from there. I love the historical parts and find the scary parts really well done. Who knows exactly what's happening? The author, of course, but I'm in the dark so far. It's a large book and a good read so far! I figured it'd be a series and it is, but I'm hoping it wraps up a bit in this one.

This is my cover of the week. No idea if it's any good, and it's not even on my reading list yet, but kinda loving the cover. Reminds me of when early photographers tried to trick people with photo developing and "spirits." And see her goggles? Wondering if it's a steampunk book. I kinda like those too.

Here's some free digi steampunk/vintage images if you're interested in creating with them.

And the cutest steampunk R-2 D-2 ever!

Happy Monday,