Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maine Makes Me Crazy

Ok, Maine itself doesn't make me crazy...making my travel scrapbook page of Maine is making me crazy. I started at a crop when I didn't yet have my pics developed. Sound familiar? They're all there on the camera and I've seen them and kinda know what I'll use, but no actual pics.

Here's what I came up with. I always try to get a map or the shape of the state on my page and the state's nickname. That part's easy usually. I liked how it turned out with the blue touches—my daughter saved her Maine ribbon from candy she bought.

I got my photos the other day and set to work. Turns out I had a lot and since I keep each state to one page,'s what I got. Not much map and a handful of pictures. Looks ok, but not enough room for the photos/journaling.

So I took it apart and started again. I used a post card to make a pocket for the pics. It's not the most colorful post card, but I guess that's ok. Then I trimmed some of the photos down and tried to leave space between them for the map to peek out. That worked better, but now I don't like the title or the post card either. sigh. Back to the drawing board.

Ok, I did some more fidding and came up with this. After awhile, you have to know when to quit. So this is it—it's going in the scrapbook like this! I actually do think it's the best version. It's got all the pics I wanted, some of the map showing, journaling and the title is on there at least three times! :)

How about you? Ever try a page before getting the pics and have it work out? I know a lot of people make special pages at the scrap store and then plug in the pics, but I'm seeing that is not a good choice for me.

Here's some Maine trivia for ya—there's a desert in Maine! It's a glacial desert (there are only a few of these in the world) and farming erosion revealed it. On Jeopardy once, a contestant said "Maine" when the answer was "The desert that is the farthest east in the US." They counted it wrong and then later had to let them come back since it was true!

Here's a pic of said desert.

Happy Wednesday!