Friday, August 22, 2014

Fearless Friday

I am fearlessly going to post my very first scrapbook page from 2001. My husband and I decided to see all fifty states and it was his idea to see them in alphabetical order. I knew we'd need a scrapbook of our adventures, so I bought one and picked up a few die cuts. And now for the reveal...Alabama, please step forward.


What I love about this page is how stinkin' cute the kids are. I have teenagers now (although only one more week til my oldest is 20!) and I think seeing them as youngsters is one of the many benefits of scrapbooking. I had my daughter write and draw on the page too, just for history's sake.

For the first few years I did only the vacation pages, once a year. Then I got the bug and started making more pages of events, everyday happenings and celebrations. 

Here's a page five years later, where I handmade most of the accents. I watercolored the beach, doodled the words and played around.

I started spending time online and I heard how people had a supply "stash" and heard stories of organizing and purging supplies. I couldn't believe people had so much stuff they couldn't keep track of it.

Years passed and I have to say officially, I have actually purchased an item I already had because I forgot I had it. sigh. I have become a hoarder, a woman who loves pretty things and buys supplies "just in case." I don't buy jewelry or purses or shoes to get my fill of loveliness, I buy artsy supplies. 

And, you know what? I'm ok with that. I like my craft closet! I like my paints and inks and stamps and Stickles! I like knowing my kids and my friends will say, "I knew you'd have something I could use."

Scrapbooking, card making and other papery crafts just make me happy. They make me feel talented and competent and artsy. They make me feel creative and, when I make something, I can usually find a good use for it. So I am fearlessly showing you my first page because it was the first step toward the creative life I now lead and the outlet that made it possible. 

Things may not always turn out the best and I roll my eyes looking at my old pages, but I won't remake them to update how they look. They have a story to tell too, about our life and about what I've learned along the way. 

I think it's cool when someone likes my pages or cards, but here's a little secret—I don't make my scrapbooks for future generations and my cards have only a secondary purpose of wishing someone happy birthday. I make them because I enjoy the process...I make them for me. 

Shhh! Don't tell anyone that I don't actually care if the kids toss the pages after I've gone. I made them for me and me alone. Because I have a creative itch to scratch and it makes me happy to jump in and make something. I hope you enjoy your process too and don't feel a bit fearful of looking back at older art...even if you shake your head at the sticker sneezes you made once upon a time.

Happiest of weekends!
p.s. We're on M in the alphabet now of visiting the continental US in alphabetical order (we'll get to Alaska and Hawaii in time). There are a LOT of M states. Michigan is next year and I'm already planning the official scrapbook page.