Monday, September 29, 2014

Pocket Card Ideas

If you love the pocket card scrapbooking that Project Life uses, then you probably have a lot of extra pocket cards. Or maybe you're like me and you just love the cards and buy them for card making or traditional layouts. At any rate, here are two ideas you can use for some extra cards.

I took some cards from Me & My Big Ideas that I got at Michael's and made them into favors. All you have to do is tuck them into plastic glasses and fill with candies. You can do this for a party or for a holiday dinner. If you want, use a permanent marker to write the guest's name on the glass.

The next idea I have for you is to create a calendar for your desk or as a gift. Take an acrylic frame from the craft store (about $2) and use cards as the background. You can insert holiday-themed cards, baby-related cards or wedding-style cards if you're giving one as a gift. If you google the words mini calendar, you'll find printables to make your own calendar. Easy and fun to make! 

What do you do with your extra cards? I have a bunch to use up :)
Happy Monday!