Thursday, December 11, 2014

Miniature Wedding

I made this little wedding couple and gazebo with unfinished wood pieces from Jo Ann Fabrics. The gazebo is a birdhouse and the people were in a package marked "wooden people." How could I resist buying them and making a little bride and groom? 


I gave them peach roses and a black tux and ivory dress to match the wedding clothes my husband and I wore. Her veil looks is longer than her dress, just like mine was back in 1990!

Here's their gazebo that I painted with white acrylic paint and blinged up with various gemstones and pearls and ribbon from the scrapbooking aisle and my stash. I used marker for their eyes and mouths.

Happy Wedding Day, Little People! 

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I was visiting my mom and she doesn't have internet at her's like being back in Laura Ingall's day. Or at least 1985.

Happy Thursday—see you tomorrow!