Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow Days Mean Creative Days

The son is off school again today and we're not going anywhere because of the ridiculously cold temps, so I guess that means I'm free to make a creative mess. And, trust me, I AM messy. 

In fact, the one year I went to art school, I was the only one with paint everywhere after class—clothes, hands, materials. You name it, I got paint on it. The other art students even thought i was students! Ah well, it's all in the name of art, so there you go! 

I managed to not make too big of mess with this project yesterday. I got my first issue of Somerset Studio that I bought with my Christmas money from my aunts (thanks, Aunt Mae and Aunt Katie!) They're awesome, btw...they're my aunts by marriage but I've had them for so long, they're just my aunts now. And my hubby and I may be in our 40s, but they still send us Christmas checks. They're Italian and little and loving and wonderful. And I'm finished gushing now.

Inside the mag was an ad (along with tons of inspiring articles), and the ad caught my eye. See this girl at the top left? Loved her. So I tried my hand at recreating her.

I started with a page of the free art paper that's included in each issue and then went to town with Tombow markers as watercolors, a little Copic for the skin and a black Distress marker for outlining.

I loved the sly expression in the girl in the ad, but I didn't quite pull it off, still it was fun to try to imitate this style. I'm off to research to see if I can find the original artist for props, but still want to say thanks! before I know the name because it was fun to try and I really love the original work.

Happy Creating Day or just Happy Friday if you don't have time to play today!

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