Friday, July 10, 2015

Wooden You Like To Be A Girl?

I used some wood paper to make another girl based on Danielle Donaldson's work from the latest  Somerset Studio Magazine.


It's watercolor on wood paper with marker and white pen. You can see the white on her cheeks, lips, eyes and hair.

You can see my first attempt on paper on this post. This one is smaller and more "me." The words say "Sometimes her hair had a mind of its own" and when I told my daughter, "she's like you," she snatched up the girl for her own. My daughter's hair is curly and it doesn't behave all the time. But let's be honest, sometimes hair just does what it wants. And now that I'm letting mine be gray, it definitely has a mind of its own. But it's hair—you can't let it be too important.

Here's the cover of her book that's new if you want to see Danielle's original work. I think I need this book!


Happy Friday, friends!