Monday, July 13, 2015

Color Me Cute

I received some free stamps from Karen, a buddy over at flickr Hero Arts (thanks, Karen!) and have been coloring them like mad. They're these little girl stamps from The Greeting Farm. They're adorable and I started with colored pencil and then branched into watercolor for some. 

Here's a batch I colored with pencils. Notice the goth girl in front? That's because they have skulls in their bows, so I figured I had to add some eye makeup and fishnets. I gave my goth girl a gray streak in her hair too, although it's hard to tell in this pic.

This pair I tried to get a darker skintone with the Prismacolors that I have, but I'm not loving what I came up with. The girl on the left looks jaundiced. But I like her red hair.

This next pair uses watercolor and some pencils on the black-haired one. She needs some gamsol to smooth out her face! 


This is my favorite. She's patriotic, with hair to match! Not sure what I'll use these for, but I'm just going to enjoy coloring them for now!

Happy Monday, friends!