Monday, August 10, 2015

Steampunking It Up

Here's a layout I did of a museum exhibit we saw last year in Springfield, Mass. They have a little complex of museums you can go to with one price and in the courtyard is a Seuss Sculpture Garden. It was worth the price and time to visit the complex.

When we were there, they had this amazing steampunk exhibit with clothing, jewelry and animatronics. Here's a page with just some of the pics I took. I used Bo Bunny steampunk die cuts and the film at the bottom is theirs too. I just mixed some of my alphas for fun.

Do you like Steampunk as a thing? I've read some novels (mostly Young Adult) and enjoyed them and I love the mix of the gears and clocks and history with fantasy. The clothes are fab in my opinion, although when I told my daughter she ought to get one of the gowns, she said, "yeah, that's your style." sooooo....I guess I like everything about it!

Here's a fab example of a steampunk gown from the Socialbliss blog. Yeah, I'd wear that, y'know, twenty years ago.

Happy Monday,