Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Review and Tutorial

So, my daughter was coveting a necklace that had a favorite quote from a favorite book—The Fault In Our Stars is wonderful, read it, please!—and I said, "We could make that." 

Originally, Colleen wanted a dimensional necklace, rounded and clear, like the one her friend had. So I purchased the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to try to make that happen. Note: if I'd just used Glossy Accents, it would've only cost us $2.50 because I had the GA and we would've had to purchase the heart bezel only (on sale at Hobby Lobby!), however, $11 still isn't bad and I learned a lot, which I will pass along in case you get the idea that "We could make that."

1. Buy the bezel you want.

2. Print the quote you want on plain copy paper (not cardstock because you want the paper to fit snugly in the bezel.) Use the template the bezel comes with to cut out your shape.

3. Using regular matte Mod Podge, coat the back of the quote and adhere and then coat the front of the paper quote. Use a light but thorough coat. MISTAKE #1: I used the DMagic to adhere and it got bubbles underneath. I didn't let it dry first.

4. Let dry a half-hour. Drip in Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to make a thin layer. If you drip too much in, it won't dry clear...or maybe it will, but it will take days and days. MISTAKE #2: I filled the bezel full and it took forever before we could read the words...and then it had gotten underneath the paper (see mistake #1) and was bubbled on the edge.

5. Drip in a second coat, removing bubbles from the surface each coat with a toothpick or pin, whichever works. I slid some of them off the surface, but I think I broke one with the toothpick too. HINT: The more layers you add, the more dimension, but the more chances for bubbles and for mistakes!

6. The final products. The one I tried to make dimensional seems yellow. It was also darned hard to get perfect. There was a "dent" in the center after it dried, so I added another layer. The dent appeared to be gone until it dried. So, I tried to drip the DMagic just in that spot, but then it was uneven with a dome, instead of a dent. I kept trying and eventually got a semi-cool look, but the edges were kinda funky (read not smooth) and it was yellowish. I quit and made another, with only two coats. I think the domed one has 6 coats! 

FINAL REVIEW: I think DMagic is a cool idea, but I haven't had a ton of luck with it (it turned my metal bits bluish on the edges on another jewelry piece). It's easy and the only way I know to get dimension on a piece without resin. It also really hugs the piece and rarely overflows. If you have a 40% coupon from Michael's, it will only run you about $5.00. However, I prefer the Glossy Accents for a smooth, glossy coat inside a bezel. Which is exactly what I plan to do for my daughter's necklace, and what I planned to do two weeks ago. sigh. It won't be domed, but at least it'll look good!

Okay? Okay. (Another quote from the book. Seriously, read it. And read John Greene's An Abundance of Katharines.)


  1. Have you tried Glossy ccents. I have had good luck with that.

  2. Fun! Thanks for the instructions & thoughts on how products work.

  3. I did heart pendants with old bits of jewelry and the modge podge dimensions. It turned a lot of my trays green and blue yuck.

    1. I'm not alone then...interesting! but sad!


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