Friday, September 6, 2013

Fly! Be Free!* It's Freebie Friday!

Here's a fabulous digi image from free vintage digi stamps. I thought you might enjoy using it on a birthday card or a summer layout. I plan to use it because I have two sisters and we had a tree swing. Of course, we rarely wore Victorian dress and we probably never played this nicely together, but, still!

And, since we're already in a girly frame of mind, how about this cutesy fairy digital stamp? If you pop over to Best Gift Idea's blog, there are two more free fairies.

If you're in the mood to color, this is a gorgeous image from hikaru-ryuuen. Love!

If you like coloring, check out Isha's giveaway. It's awesome! 

* I always felt like I was flying when I was swinging as a kid. So this Mork and Mindy quote popped in my head. 

Happiest of Fridays,