Monday, September 2, 2013

It's So Shiny!

For this Moxie Fab challenge, I made some unusual gift tags from upcycled CD ROMs. I used White Staz On ink to stamp snowflakes and solid white circles to the tag on the right. Then I used permanent markers to draw on the snowman face and hat. I stuck a school picture of my daughter in the center so she would know it was for her. I added the ribbon and hanger for attaching it to the present. She could also hang this on the tree after she opens the gift.

The CD on the left uses silver outline snowflake stickers like this.  I sandwiched two CDs together, so the silver side shows on both sides, and adhered with glue dots. I ran some fishing line through the two and added some beads to the end, so they will dangle. On the reverse side, I used a colored Sharpie to write the recipient's name, but letter stickers would be cool too. Again, I could see using this on the tree afterwards. 

Don't you love when you can reuse something you would normally throw out? I do!! These would also be cool hanging in a window if you design both sides.

It may be 85 degrees here, but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside!