Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Get Caught Reading Month

I'm behind on my reading, though I am caught up on birthday cards (because I crafted instead of read my library books) but I'm getting ready to start Tsarina. I love a good historical fiction, so hoping this is a good one.

I keep doodling quotes for fun while watching tv and this is the latest one that I also colored. I went for a fun ombre look for the house. It's one of my favorite quotes even though it's everywhere now, and it's book-related too. 

And though it's got nothing to do with getting caught reading, I wanted to share a link to some freebie digi stamps from 2 Cute Ink Stamps and Papercraft Magazines on Facebook. I got mine and they are cute! I already had a couple from joining the group, but since I always post my coloring with them, thought you might want your own to color.

Happy Wednesday!