Wednesday, September 14, 2016

National Potato Month

So September is National Potato Month and since I'm a huge fan of potatoes, I thought we ought to celebrate!

Here's the cutest couch potato ever from this Etsy shop.

Here's another cute potato, along with a lame joke from Lame Jokes.

Here is a set of food stamps you can buy for all your potato stamping needs from The Sweet Stamp Shop. I like that some of them have glasses.

And here is a potato craft you or your kids can make, I think even I could pull off this potato "carving," since you just cut it in half :)

And, of course, here are a couple of potato recipes...because that's really why we love potatoes, they're tasty!

This is a sausage and potato casserole, I'm thinking if it has paprika in it, it's gotta be good. We Hungarians love our paprika!

A great crispy cheesy potato dish is Parmesan Garlic Crashed Potatoes, and this version you just roast them instead of boiling first, like some recipes, which is easier imo. They have crisp edges and creamy centers. I could eat these for dinner, just these. Heck, throw on some bacon and it's a whole meal!

One thing my Grandma Murray used to make at Christmas was Potato Candy and I loved it. My dad did too. Imagine my surprise when I found out it actually has mashed potatoes in it. It's sweet and has a peanut butter center, so I had no idea.

Happy Potato Month! And Happy Wednesday!