Saturday, November 19, 2016

National Peanut Butter Month

With apologies to my nephew, Charles, and other peanut allergy sufferers, I present a post on peanut butter (the internet was all fubar yesterday, so no Friday post). I don't know how we got along without peanut butter. It's great for the classic PB&J, No Bake Cookies, Puppy Chow (or Chex Muddy Buddies) and the classic and beloved Buckeye candy!

Thanks to the inventor(s) of peanut butter, who is not George Washington Carver (he promoted 300 uses for peanuts) like I thought. Here's the article about the creators, including Kellogg, the cereal guy.

My sister, Julie, makes the best buckeyes and gave me her recipe. I found a recipe that used their mixture to make bars and it's so much easier, so that's what I do. Here's the version from Spicy Southern Kitchen, and while they call it fudge, we just call it Buckeyes. And in Julie's recipe, you don't use condensed milk in the chocolate part, instead melt a mixture of semi- and milk chocolate chips with a little butter in the microwave. Just spread the peanut butter layer in a pan, pour the melted chocolate on top, cool and cut into small squares (so rich!) Traditionally, they are made to look like the Buckeye nut and since I'm from Ohio, The Buckeye State, I'm probably in trouble for not going the nut route.😁 I've also made these into Easter Egg shapes and added names and flowers in icing cuz I'm a rebel.

The bar version.

The egg version.

Here's the Puppy Chow recipe in case you need's a great one to package for bake sales, it always does well.

And if you prefer your peanut butter without chocolate, you can try Peanut Butter Banana Bread. But if you were me, you'd add chocolate chips!

And if you want to craft with peanuts, here's the cutest little idea for those non-allergic to the nut. Snowmen!

Now, it's lunchtime and I'm thinking a PB&J with noodle soup on the side might just be the way to go.

Happy Saturday!