Monday, November 14, 2016

Striped Christmas

I made two striped Christmas cards with the Paper Pumpkin trial kit from Stampin' Up. The card bases were these cool gray/brown striped cards with all the elements you'd need to make some shaker pennants for those cards. For these holiday cards, I used my own black and white stickers.

And my own red glitter paper on this one.

This is what you can make with the kit.

It was fun to get acrylic stamps, ink, acrylic block, card bases, envelopes, stickers, acetate pennants, twine and sequins in one kit...on the other hand, there are some things in there I probably wouldn't use. The gold stickers aren't the greatest as far as adhering well, but it was worth a shot.

And there's nothing so fun as a box of goodies and surprises that you can use to create fun stuff. It's partly why I've joined in the Laura Kelly kickstarter campaign. You get a lot of bang for your buck and I love her style. And in addition to the craft kit you get when you donate to the campaign, she's added a free T-shirt with every level. Here's the link if you're interested in that. You've probably seen her fun style on calendars and those little stick families for cars too.

Have you ever gotten a card kit? Used all the elements? I haven't used everything in mine yet, but I do love the fun of receiving the mail and also having a lot of goodies to choose from.

Happy Monday!