Friday, January 13, 2017

Wanna Color?

I'm part of the Kit and Clowder facebook group and they offer coloring classes. I've only taken the free classes at this point, but I think I'll be taking the skin tones class soon. It's tricky for me and I could use a little instruction. If you're in the FB group, you can often pick up some freebie stamps too.

I watched the free cupcake coloring class video (and picked up the freebie digital) here and it was really helpful! I used what I learned to work on the hair of this little cutie stamp that was free through the FB group.

Then I decided to shake things up and go with blue hair. I used some of this shadow technique and some of the hair coloring techniques I had already picked up. I think the key is in getting the really dark shades and then contrasting with the white/light shades. I added in some white prismacolor pencil on top of the colors too.

You can tell if you look closely that I was coloring in a recliner at night while watching I sometimes got a little wild with the pencils and went outside the lines :) But I can always trim these if I want to use them anywhere. And if I end up using this cupcake, you know it'll have Stickles somewhere!

Have you taken online classes? I love them, though I have had a couple that felt less than great, though I did manage to learn something in each one. My favorite so far have been the Kit and Clowder coloring and the Online Watercoloring Card class with Jennifer McGuire. I feel like you get a lot of content for the price with the Jennifer McGuire classes. And if you don't want to spend money, just watch her blog/youtube videos. She's a Master's Degree level instructor...if they had a Master's Degree in Cardmaking!

Happy Friday!