Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wedding Card in White and Gold

I made a wedding card for a friend and went to a favorite embossing folder that makes a lovely diamond pattern. I tried to make a shaker card with a die in the front, but as you may or may not know, I totally blow at those. I've never made one I'm happy with. I get glue on the window, the sequins get stuck to the pop up adhesive and don't shake, the thing is crooked...I could go on. 

I should've kept it to show you, but instead I just pulled the thing apart and started fresh. I am happy with the non-shaker version below. 

I had to add some glitz and debated on Stickles glitter glue or glitter paper, but instead I went with gold paper. A classy choice I think for a wedding card. And it only took me a false turn and a couple hours! :) You know what I'm talking about, I hope. 

And, on a related note, the very first recipe I made (with my mom's help) was at age 7 when I saw a recipe in our Weekly Reader magazine at school for Mexican Wedding Cookies. I liked them enough, but I like them a lot more now. There are a lot of ground nuts and it makes the texture a little different than most cookies. I hope my classmates enjoyed my first foray into baking!

Here's a recipe for them if you've never tried them. 

Happy Wednesday!