Friday, March 3, 2017

Dollar Store Finds

I'm a fan of the dollar stores for a few items...coloring books (which are usually so  much more expensive than $1), name-brand makeup for the kids for theatre purposes (you can't keep mascara forever, and it only gets used for the run of the show), theatre-box sized candy and glassware.

My favorite thing to find at the dollar store, though, are craft items. This time, I found toothpaste, glass coffee mugs and this glass plate. It's glazed and a beautiful aqua color. I added a phrase with my paint pens and let it dry. Now it's ready for decor. I think I need the natural colored stones instead of the clear ones (that I colored with permanent marker) for the candle, but guess what? They have those at the dollar store too!

If I were planning to use this a lot and needed to wash it often, I would've used pens made for that, like these Pebeo Porcelaine pens. I didn't have one handy and the pen I used will work for awhile. It will eventually wear off I think. But hey, I'm living in the moment! I wanted to try lettering on a plate and I did and it worked fine. 

Here's another shot without the candle. 

What's your favorite thing to get at the dollar store? 

Happy Friday!