Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Tortilla Chip Day

In case you didn't know, today is Tortilla Chip Day...and while you might not think to celebrate it, I have been craving salsa and chips lately, so I figured what better way to celebrate? 

Sure I could make tacos (mmm, tacos) or even my own tortilla chips from flour tortillas (tasty in a whole different way) but I'm going with plain old chips and salsa. But if I were feeling it, I'd add my favorite chicken dip here or load up the chips like in this recipe. 

Some days are lazy cooking in, less cooking, more lazing. And while we're talking yummy, this Navajo Fry Bread recipe is delish...tried it in Arizona at a little family restaurant and looovveed it! Even though there are no tortilla chips, I had to share.

While I don't have any nacho crafts that I've made lately, there are some adorable stamps that I've been eyeing forever. These are from The Sweet Stamp Shop. 

Here are some free digi taco clipart files for you...including this one. Not sure what to do with them, but if you know someone who loves tacos and has a birthday, I'm sure you could figure something out for them!

And what about tortilla chips for dessert? You could totally make these cinnamon chips and then share with me!

Even though my kids are big kids, I love a good picture book and this one looks so fun...perfect to read today. 

That's all I got to taco bout today! Happy Friday!


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  2. Ha! That was a fun post. For some reason I'm hungry now. You frybread link goes to the chicken dip recipe.

  3. lol, sorry you're hungry! And thanks for the info, fixed the link to the real fry bread recipe.


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