Friday, July 14, 2017

Celebrate You

As you may or may not know, I love the pocket scrapbooking cards that companies make but am not an actual pocket scrapbooker. I just collect them and then feel bad, so I use some of them on cards or regular scrapbook pages. Ok, I don't feel all that bad, lol.

Here's a card with a large one. It already had printed sequins and stars at the bottom, so I just added some real ones with Multi Matte Medium and then added washi tape at the top and glitter paper strips and vellum heart to complete the card. Even though it's pretty glittery, I think I could use this card for anyone's birthday. What do you think?

Here's the glittery bits up close. 

I don't have a shark card to share today, but I thought I'd tell you it's Shark Awareness Day. I'm not sure how to celebrate and I'm not sure what we're supposed to be aware of...but there you go! (Actually, it's to be aware that millions of sharks are killed each year for shark fin soup and other weird recipes and are important to the oceanic ecosystem, I just looked it up.) 

Happy Shark Awareness Day, from a friendly Chark! Here are some cute recipes to try if you're feeling it, none of which contain actual shark. 

I think this is fun—a pear shark in lime Jello...but the floating dill would ruin it. That's not exactly dessert material imo. Though it does mimic seaweed beautifully.

Here's a shark cupcake that would be pretty easy to make. I love the elaborate cupcakes, but I'm not always up for the challenge as a baker. While the fin here is gum paste, you could use white chocolate too I would guess.

And this is super fun too...shark fin chips and seaweed dip. Yum! Now I'm hungry, so I'll go see if I have any shark-themed food. Pizza is a triangle and so I could have a Cheesy Shark Fin...anchovies would be a perfect topping if I actually liked them :)

Happy Friday!

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